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particle board vs solid wood

particle board furniture has ended up very famous nowadays, on account of its lower costs. at the same time how well does it perform when contrasted with furniture a product of robust wood. in this article, we take a gander at the contrasts between particle board and strong wood furniture.


differences in their making:

particle sheets are built wood items, that are created out of little particles of wood, (for example, sawdust and little wood drops). these wood particles are frequently the by-items that are gotten while making different sorts of wood, for example, plywood or blockboards, and thus particle sheets are exceptionally savvy to make.

the wood particles are blended with paste, (for example, urea formaldehyde pitch) and the mixture is immovably pressed together utilizing a hot-press machine to make these wooden sheets or sheets.

strong wood then again is a common wood item, that is acquired by felling trees, and chopping the logs down to more diminutive sizes and shapes so the wood might be utilized for making furniture.


cost comparison:

particle sheets are much less expensive contrasted with strong wood, as additionally less expensive than the various sorts of designed woods, for example, plywood, blockboards, mdf (medium thickness fiber-boards)and hdf (high thickness fiber-sheets).

strong wood furniture is unreasonable however its much stronger and more tough than particle board furniture.



strength comparison:

strong wood is much stronger as it is a common homogeneous material. It is sorted as hardwood and softwood. cases of hardwood are teak, sheesham wood and so on and illustrations of softwood are mango wood, pine wood and so on.). Hardwood is denser and stronger than softwood.

regardless, particle sheets are lighter, less thick and weaker than any of the robust woods utilized within furniture making. A simple approach to judge the quality of any furniture is to check its weight (heavier is typically better) and to tap it with the fingers to check the thickness (particle sheets sounds empty, while characteristic wood sounds solid and strong.


imperviousness to water:

great quality robust woods, for example, teak, have a characteristic oil substance, and subsequently can oppose water well. that is the reason, teak furniture is frequently utilized outside within the manifestation of enclosure tables and seats.

particle sheets are extremely delicate to water and even dampness. normally, the sheets are pre-laminated and the cover offers a spot of security against dampness and moistness, yet the sheets still can get harmed if laid open to water.


natural concerns:

there are benefits and bad marks of each one sort. on account of particle sheets, one can say that since its made of waste wood particles it helps saves nature by sparing wood and trees. anyhow, the reality still remains that it is made utilizing formaldehyde saps which are not extremely eco-accommodating.

on account of robust wood, any sort of fake gums are totally kept away from, thus it is exceptionally characteristic and protected to utilize, however to get strong wood, trees must be chopped down, and might be a reason for deforestation on the off chance that the wood has been acquired from woodlands, rather than oversaw estates.





furniture a product of solid wood is substantially more solid. indeed, as a rule great quality teak wood pieces are known to keep going for more than 100 years, serving more than one era. on account of particle loads up, the vast majority of the retailers i have met themselves say 'You can want a 5 years of lifetime'.



to compress, robust wood furniture is better and stronger contrasted with particle board furniture, however it is additionally much costlier.

the decision of which one to purchase is regularly dependent upon unique needs. the individuals who are searching for fleeting financially savvy alternatives, discover purchasing particle board furniture more helpful, while the individuals who are eager to use more cash for quality and solidness can settle on strong wood furniture.